2014 - Welcome to the New Year with New Artists, New Shows and New Artwork!

Kelli MacConnell

Florence Events Center GALLERY ONE :Portland Printmaker Shows Work at FEC; and in Gallery 5: Exposure 2014

Portland Printmaker Shows Work at Florence Events Center

“Between Land and Sky,” a comprehensive exhibit of the work of Portland artist Kelli MacConnell, opens July 1 in Gallery One.

Captivated by the wilderness since early childhood, MacConnell embraces a unique relationship with nature that continuously sparks her imaginative work. Exploring landscapes with careful observation, she translates her natural surroundings into richly detailed prints.

For MacConnell, printmaking serves as a key vehicle in fostering a relationship between humans and the natural world. Through her creations, she strives to show how one person can both exist in civilization and remain connected to that which is inherently wild.

“I want to take the viewer on a journey to the places in nature that have brought me respite,” she says. “The dream-like interpretations of these landscapes are meant to enchant the viewer, leaving them with a feeling of peace and a sense of curiosity, questioning whether or not these places really exist. My current body of work focuses on linocut prints of the expansive and diverse environment of the Pacific Northwest Landscape. With the simple use of contrast and minimal color, as well as line manipulation, I strive to create exhilarating compositions inspired by the natural world.”


The annual Exposure 2014 show for photographers opened on July 2 and will be showing in Gallery Five during July and August. Photographers featured in this exhibit include Curt Peters, Marion Hall, Ed Wilent, Rudy Gargioni, and Paula Becker.

Florence Events Center Photo
Exterior of the Florence Events Center

2014 ~ FEC Gallery Schedule

  • January ~ Walls: Oil Paintings by John leasure; Gallery Five: Viewfinder Photography Club.
  • February ~
  • March ~
  • April ~
  • May ~ Yachats Art Guild in Gallery One; and Come See What We See—A Coastal Celebration thru June in Gallery 5.
  • June ~ Come See What We See—A Coastal Celebration thru June in Gallery 5.
  • July ~ Gallery One: Portland Printmaker Kelli MacConnell; and in Gallery Five: Exposure 2014
  • August ~ Gallery 5: Exposire 2014 continues...thru August
  • September ~
  • October ~
  • November & December ~ Celebrate Arts 2014

Interior of Gallery One
Florence Events Center Interior Gallery One and Exterior